Does the color of your home look faded or outdated? 2 Brothers Custom Painting has painted the exterior of residences in the front range and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Painting the outside of your property can greatly increase your curb appeal and help protect your property from the weather and the elements, reducing damage to siding, architectural woodwork, and other materials.


We will assess the conditions of your exterior and we will repair any needed carpentry when necessary. We are able to paint the following exterior surfaces:​

Brick - Wood - Composite - Fascia/Eavestrough
Vinyl/Aluminum - Stucco - Decks - Patios
Fences - Railings

Preparation of the substrate is the most important part of the job. The 2 Brothers Team power washes before beginning every exterior project. This ensures we have a clean surface, giving our finish coat great adhesion to the substrate. We visually scour the entire exterior of the house and scrape any loose paint. This gives us a solid surface for clean adhesion. Our employees protect all surfaces that are not intended to be painted. Additionally, we will bring to the attention of discussing with the homeowner, we will tackle any carpentry that is required.

While many paints claim to be paint and primer in one, the right kind of primer is pivotal in getting the best results. If adhesion is the problem, we will use a high-quality bonding primer with superior adhesion for the substrate. If staining is an issue, we will use a blocking primer, so the stain does not continue to show itself. A great example of this is for cedar and redwood siding. Cedar and redwood leach tannins from their wood for years after they have been installed, any time you expose the bare surface, you need to apply a blocking primer to prevent the surface from staining with those tannins.

We offer “better” and “best" as our finish coats. Our objective is to give you years where you don’t have to worry about the expense of painting your house again. By using high-quality exterior paints, we are doing our best to ensure that in Colorado’s harsh sunny environment, your house will hold it’s color and look great for years.

Regardless of the scale or the length of the project, our crew will always pick and clean up after ourselves daily, packing materials, paint chips, and trash that might accumulate.

Before we complete the project, our Service Manager will inspect all the work and ensure everything was completed to the best of our abilities. We will also complete a client review where we review the work together to ensure your total satisfaction. We don't get paid until you are 100% satisfied with the work.